Nibiru OS

Nibiru OS provides complete applications for enterprises to customize VR/AR/MR OS

Nibiru OS: Make it easy for your company to innovate with XR

Nibiru is an OS provider for the most popular Android-based XR standalone headsets. We offer commercial white-label service for XR industrial application users and customers. An easy-to-deploy XR system that scales with your business, provides the richest feature set for professional users.

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Nibiru hardware provides custom white label VR/AR headsets, OOT box, tablet, and workstations for enterprieses

Nibiru VR/AR Headsets

We also provide quality VR/AR hardware with efficient, stable, and powerful Nibiru OS installed for you to choose, ranging from low-end Allwinner VR9 2K VR headsets to high-end Samsung 8895 8K VR headsts.

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Nibiru Creator

Nibiru Creator Editor: Logical Virtual Content made without coding and in a mind-map manner

Nibiru Creator Editor: Logical Virtual Content made easy

The ONLY professional but INTUITIVE virtual tour software that you can simply drag, drop and link materials like drawing a mind map to create interactive XR content in minutes.

Collect data of high granularity and upload to your own backend system.

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Nibiru Creator Sync: Sync every interaction to multiple VR/AR headsets

Nibiru Creator Sync: Sync to multiple VR/AR headsets with one click

Lead your clients or students in VR/AR step by step with one control tablet/box. Everyone sees what you see in real time. They can also enjoy these experiences on their own. Data of fine granularity can also be recorded for learning/marketing statistics.

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Nibiru Creator Demos

Classic Interactive Content for multiple industries inclusing training, education, exhibition, cultural tourism, and more...

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