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Case Study | Hill View Primary School

With over 200 pupils on roll, Hillview Primary School and Early Years strive to ensure all learners fulfil their potential in an environment which is safe, respectful and nurturing, inspiring and promoting high expectations in all that they do. Hillview prides itself on its inclusive ethos.

Hillview’s curriculum is creative and based on themes that are reflected in the learning environment. Themes are chosen to meet children’s needs and interests, as well as provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

Hillview Primary School focus on developing high quality teaching and learning through peer observations of each other, learners and colleagues in local schools.

The school has a variety of Avantis products and their latest interest is in Virtual Reality, specifically Avantis’ ClassVR, the world’s first Virtual Reality set designed specifically for schools.

Year 6 PPA Teacher Andrew Shelton states:

“Class VR offers a unique, multi-sensory and fully immersive learning experience for children throughout all Key Stages. By providing children with the experience of Class VR, they are able to access enhanced and sensory-based experiential learning. This can be used as a truly original hook for both greater depth writing, as well as supporting children who have additional needs. The potential subject and topic links for this learning resource are considerable; Class VR hosts a wide array of virtual realities, which have been carefully matched to frequently-taught, popular curriculum themes.”
“The headset enables children to be immersed and captivated and the VR lesson ideas provided by Avantis, such as space and the unknown in the Mars lesson, really helps us teach this particular subject area. In another lesson provided Avantis, inspecting an augmented reality heart provides the opportunity to deepen children’s understanding of biological science. The ClassVR lessons can even allow the class to explore the rainforest in all its glory.”
“VR is here to stay, so we’d like get ahead of the game and immerse our children in exciting and extraordinary realities, in which their imagination and creativity can run wild!”

Nibiru Technology is the exclusive reseller of ClassVR in the mainland China. If you are an educator in China, you can buy ClassVR from us and we will offer you local supports, like online/offline training and after-sales service. If you are interested in building a product like ClassVR, we can provide you custom OS with the third-party custom hardware manufactured by our ODM/OEM partners. What's more, if you are interested in reselling ClassVR to international or bilingual schools or planetariums etc, we welcome you to be our distributor.
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