How to Import OBJ Models to Nibiru Creator

How to Import OBJ Models to Nibiru Creator

I. How to export models in 3ds Max

1. Nibiru Creator now supports 3D models in OBJ and FBX formats, and textures in PNG format. So, please make it sure that the model is textured in PNG format and that both the model and textures are saved in the same folder before exporting model textures in 3ds Max.


    2.After the model is textured, the path must be converted before it can be used. In 3ds Max, you can find it under the icon in the right panel. Click “Bitmap/Photometric Paths”, and then click “Edit Resources” below.


    (Note: If you cannot find “Bitmap/Photometric Paths”, click the icon in the red box on the upper right corner of the panel to pull out the “Bitmap/Photometric Paths” option.

    3. After clicking “Edit Resources”, a panel will show up, and we can see that the model texture is in D:\范例, which is an absolute path. At this time, we click “Strip All Paths” on the right panel.


     A “Warning” dialog shows up. Click “OK”.


     At this point, you can see that the path before the texture disappears. The absolute path is converted into relative paths.


    4. After converting the path, click the model, click the start menu at the top right corner of the 3ds Max, select “Export”, and then select “Export Selected”. The Export Selected panel will appear.


    5. Select the folder you want to save in the Export panel, and select the OBJ format as the export format below. The “OBJ Export Options” panel appears, select the default option, click “Export” to export the OBJ model.



    6. In the folder, apart from the 3ds Max model and PNG texture, an OBJ file and a MTL file are generated.



     II. How to importmodels to Nibiru Creator

    1. Open a NPJ file and double-click any of the scenes to enter a panorama.


    1. In the panorama, click Hotspot and drag the Model icon to the scene.


    1. Click the Model icon on the right panel to add the OBJ model from the local folder.


    1. The OBJ model we exported before was successfully added from the folder. (Note that textures and models must be placed under the same folder to display textures properly). Hold the left mouse button to move the model and hold down CTRL + left mouse button to rotate it.




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