Nibiru Creator 6.0 Released

Nibiru Creator 6.0 Released

Hi, everybody!

We are excited to announce that we have just released Nibiru Creator 6.0! It now supports playing FBX models with skeletal animation, making adding virtual human possible in Nibiru Creator! With this new feature, Nibiru Creator empowers businesses to better showcase their products in an immersive and interactive way by underpinning virtual humans.


Edit animated 3D models in multiple dimensions; Further enrich the interactive experience of application scenes


In the new version, you can import FBX models with skeletal animation as components and add animations to them in dimensions including size, position, opacity, rotation and visibility. In this way, Nibiru Creator satisfies the needs for product display and interaction in industry, healthcare, education, and smart manufacturing.


Non-programming & easy to operate; Reduce costs and increase efficiency in scenario applications


Nibiru Creator 6.0 follows our “no-coding” tradition. You can only click on tracks to animate the elements in size, position, opacity, rotation and visibility like adding key frames, which is easy for all developers.


Moreover, you can operate your projects using our data analysis function (or BI in the future) for all industries. More amazing new features are coming on the way. Please scan the QR code below if you want to know more about Nibiru Creator and try the new version now!

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