Nibiru won Starlight Award of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator

Nibiru won Starlight Award of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator

 On November 4th, the Starlight Award of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator was presented during the Apsara Conference. Nibiru, as a leading innovative enterprise providing enterprise digital services and building metaverse infrastructure, won this award for its outstanding contribution in carrying out VR/AR application.


Born in Cloud, Developing in Cloud, Alibaba Cloud Accelerator Empowers Innovative Technology Companies

The Starlight Award of Alibaba Cloud Accelerator aims to recognize innovative technology companies that have grown rapidly with the help of Alibaba's leading technologies and business scenarios, and have had close business cooperation with Alibaba. Through strict screening and selection in subdivisions such as intelligent data, industrial software, and virtual-real integrated tools, benchmarking companies in these fields are screened out.

By cooperating with benchmarking companies in these subdivisions, Alibaba Cloud provides 6S enterprise services for the entire industry that include stability, security, scale, sale, service and smart.


Nibiru Relies on Alibaba Cloud to Promote 3D Digitalization of the Industry

As an underlying technology supplier of Metaverse, Nibiru ensures the stability and security of enterprise 3D scene applications through the self-developed 3D interactive intelligent engine. Nibiru solves the problem of sale and scale of industrial scene application through the template library, no-code and other technical advantages. In addition, the newly developed intelligent data and other functions have also helped the enterprises of industrial scene application to realize the service and smart of the 6"s" enterprise services.

Through Nibiru Creator, the self-developed codeless 3D interactive intelligent data engine, and Nibiru Studio, the 3D real-time rendering engine, Nibiru has made outstanding contributions in industry, medicine, education, training and other industrial scene applications. It not only empowers the efficient application of metaverse, but also promotes the development of industrial 3D digitalization.

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