trainning teachers how to use ClassVR

Student Age 5-18 | Donegal School District

How Donegal School District Have Successfilly Implemented ClassVR Throughout Their Classrooms

Donegal School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania have been implementing ClassVR across their district since October 2021.

We spoke to Megan Hull-Burg, Instructional Technology Coach at Donegal School District, about why they decided on ClassVR as their chosen VR technology, how they’ve been using virtual reality in their teaching, and their plans for incorporating ClassVR into their smart classrooms moving forward.

Supporting The Curriculum & Providing Opportunities for Students

Donegal School District are supported by the Donegal Foundation who strive to facilitate the enrichment of education for students within the Donegal community. Using ClassVR, teachers can add value to every lesson by letting students experience impossible or impractical things in virtual reality!

“ClassVR is exactly the kind of thing our foundation looks to facilitate. It adds to the curriculum and gives our students opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. ClassVR just fitted perfectly, and we were able to receive a grant for the headsets.”

The No. 1 VR and AR Solution For Schools

When Donegal School District decided to introduce virtual reality into their teaching, they researched all the options available, and ClassVR came out on top! The 1000s of immersive resources in the ClassVR library meant it would be simple for teachers to integrate VR into their lessons from day one!

“When I started looking into virtual reality options, ClassVR was rated the best VR and AR system for schools. It comes with so many built-in resources which meant it was easy for me to bring into classrooms. There’s just so much content! That’s why we decided on ClassVR.”

Modelling Virtual Reality in the Classroom to Boost Adoption

Since purchasing the headsets in October 2021, Megan’s been rolling out ClassVR across Donegal School District. By modelling VR lessons for the teachers, she’s demonstrated how virtual reality can engage students and enhance lessons throughout the curriculum. Now, ClassVR is used in classrooms across the district, with students exploring everything from Times Square to the solar system!

“Modelling is the best way to get into classrooms. By offering to teach virtual reality lessons I can demonstrate to our teachers how they can use ClassVR. I simply ask the teachers what they’re teaching, I share all the experiences that I can bring to the lesson, and they say ‘When can you come!’.”

trainning teachers how to use ClassVR

Creating 360-Degree Content

Looking forward, Donegal School District plan to take their virtual reality lessons to the next level by creating their own content with ClassVR. Using 360-cameras, students will start filming their own content, uploading it to ClassVR, then viewing it in virtual reality. We’ll check in with Donegal School District later down the line to find out about all the exciting content they’ve been creating!

“We have a couple of 360-degree cameras that we’re looking forward to using with ClassVR. We want our students to start creating their own content by taking 360 photos and videos, and then experiencing them in VR. There’s so much we can do, our journey has just started.”

What Do Donegal School District Think of ClassVR?

When asked for a final comment on ClassVR, Megan answered:

“ClassVR is the ideal solution for schools to use for their VR and AR needs. We chose it because it’s an all-in-one system that’s allowed us to integrate VR and AR into classrooms very easily. Students love the headsets, and they always have a great time using them. I’ve used them with 2nd grade through 12th grade, so it’s very flexible in the classroom. I also love that I can control all the headsets from my laptop and see what they’re seeing. ClassVR is my favorite engagement tool!”


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