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English Martyrs’, formed in 1965, is a Catholic Voluntary Academy, part of the Saint Robert Lawrence Catholic Academy Trust, in the Diocese of Nottingham.

There is a strong focus on core life skills of reading, writing, mathematics, oracy and ICT. We aim to do all that we can to help children have the best possible start in life with their learning and development across all areas, and support children to remain effective and motivated learners.

Our children are encouraged to reflect on what has been learnt at the end of each lesson, the end of each week and at the end of a topic. This ensures that their freshly gained knowledge and experiences are retained, sparking new ideas and encouraging them to suggest the next subject we should progress to.

Engagement In The Classroom

English Martyrs’ wanted to use classroom technology as a tool to really engage their children in particular subjects, but for the teachers to remain in ultimate control. As the school’s teaching is based on a creative and adaptive curriculum, the teachers didn’t want to be hindered by traditional static computers. Their criteria was for children to receive a classroom-appropriate experience which fully engages them regardless of the subject matter.

The immersive and mobile nature of Virtual Reality technology was a natural fit with the school’s diverse requirements. Kate continues;

“We chose ClassVR for two key reasons: Firstly, it allows for the supervision, control and management of headsets, easily enabling teachers to view what the students are seeing in real time or pause the lesson for discussion.”
“Secondly, as many of our teachers are parents themselves, we’re ever conscious of the numerous distractions that our students are subject to, both in the classroom and at home. We’ve found that using ClassVR to explore a subject in a completely immersive way, entirely captivates our children, and introduces a hunger for children to learn more about the subject matter at a level we’ve not seen before.”

Cross-Curriculum Learning Experiences

As part of a teacher’s arsenal, ClassVR is able to help pupils visualise and comprehend areas of the curriculum that traditional teaching methods cannot always deliver in an engaging way. From exploring the geography of Ancient Egypt, through to taking students inside a human cell, there are almost no limits to the curriculum subjects that can be covered, as Kate explains:

“One curriculum area where we were keen to use virtual reality technology to help children learn was in Science, allowing our students to virtually experience space travel, or the inner workings of the human body has given a new dimension to their education. In many cases this has acted as a catalyst to continue their learning outside of school.”
“In addition to the handful of school trips we organise each year, ClassVR has allowed us to broaden the number of countries and cultures that our students can learn about. Gaining an understanding of how people live and the subtle differences in sounds and landscapes of countries around the globe, truly opens our childrens’ minds – it almost feels like you’ve been there, just without the travel costs!”

Infinite Uses Across All Ages

Due to the individual nature of ClassVR, the learning experience can be entirely tailored, even down to a per-child basis if necessary. This ensures that content for children across all school years can be differentiated accordingly.

Alternatively, if all pupils are experiencing the same lesson, this single view can be shown on a classroom interactive white board, facilitating class-wide participation without the need for a headset for every child. Kate confirmed:

“Using our large classroom display in combination with ClassVR works particularly well during the introduction of a new subject and is a great way to initiate the topic before children put on their virtual reality headsets.”


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