50 creative ways to use ClassVR| The Moon Field Trip

The Moon Field Trip | SCIENCE | Age 5-11

Oh Jeong Elementary, Gwangju City, South Korea

Learning Aims:

  • To visit the Moon and go on a virtual field trip.
  • To empathise with the astronauts’ experiences on the Moon.
  • To understand the vast nature of space.


2019 is the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and as a result, I wanted the students to have an experience of seeing the Moon. These experiences were part of our work exploring space and understanding how vast our solar system and universe are.


The Moon Playlist

The lesson started with the students viewing news videos about the lunar landing. We then watched the VR lunar lander experience, where the rocket touches down on the Moon – this prompted the children to consider how humans would reach the Moon and the features of a vehicle to get us from Earth to the Moon. We also viewed the moon news, together with the ClassVR videos and talked about what the students might want to do on the moon. We then investigated the various 3D models within the Moon playlist, such as the Apollo command module and another model showing the Moon’s position from the Earth – the students held these models in their hands!


The students experienced the feeling of going to the moon in virtual reality. I was able to provide an immersive experience of the Earth and the Moon and this helped the students to experience and understand the astronauts’ feelings. It was an amazing class that brought a teleporting experience from the classroom to the Moon. ClassVR’s incredible controls make it possible to conduct lessons while controlling the eyes of the students, making the class more enriching.

ClassVR provides an immersive experience of the Earth ad the Moon for students

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