About Us

Nibiru is a world-leading supplier of VR/AR OS. Nibiru OS has served over 500 brands around the globe. Our business covers almost a hundred sectors, including education, medical care, industry, retail, gaming, and more.

Our management team have over 10 years of experience in industries such as the internet, software, and semiconductors. Currently, the research and development team consists of hundreds of individuals, accounting for 70% of the workforce. Most professionals specialize in fields such as computer science and technology, 3D visualization and simulation, graphic rendering, and artificial intelligence vision technology. The team exhibits a reasonable distribution in terms of educational background, knowledge structure, and age, resulting in a highly skilled research and development force. The company possesses strong research and development capabilities in the XR field.

Our Story

At Nibiru, we've spent a decade dedicated to putting our customers first. We've listened to market demands and developed Nibiru OS in 2013, a powerful VR/AR/MR operating system that empowers hundreds of industry clients to customize their own brand's VR/AR products. Our prestigious partners include ClassVR, PPTV, OMIMO, and many more.

Looking ahead, we envision a future where Nibiru OS propels us into a world of unparalleled interactivity. As we continue our relentless pursuit of excellence, we remain committed to delivering exceptional products and innovative solutions to our valued customers.