Nibiru Creator Editor: Logical Virtual Content made without coding and in a mind-map manner

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Nibiru Creator is a powerful non-coding VR authoring tool that achieves logic programming in a mind-map manner.

Whether you are working on training, e-learning, digital marketing, interactive tourism, or gaming scenarios, Nibiru Creator can help you create both immersive VR tours and 360° interactive content for online or offline distribution.

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Distribute Your Content

Online Distribution: With Nibiru Creator, you can distribute your 360 interactive content online via HTML5.

Online Distribution

Upload your 360 interactive tour to the server with one click and share it to anyone with a link. You can also export it in HTML5 format and embed to your own websites.

Offline Distribution: With Nibiru Creator, users can distribute their VR content to VR/AR headsets, OTT box, tablets.

Offline Distribution

With the underlying Nibiru OS, Nibiru Creator users can also distribute their VR content to the VR headset, AR glasses, tablet, OTT box, and interactive flat panel.

With Nibiru Creator, you can sync each interaction to multiple VR/AR headsets in real time.

Real VR Sync

Sync every interaction in your content made using Nibiru Creator editor to all VR/AR headsets in the same network in real time, including navigating though scenes, playing a video, playing the next slide, opening components, etc.

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Build your custom analytics dashboard with Nibiru Creator

Tracking and Analytics

With built-in API tracking, Nibiru Creator can upload the raw data including Hotspot ID, Start Time, and Project ID to your own server to be processed and presented in the logic you designed, for example, individual and group learning performance.

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