How Nibiru Interactive Sync Works?

Creator Sync: all VR content created by Nibiru Creator can be synced to multiple VR/AR headsets from Nibiru M-Box or Nibiru M-Pad


Under sync mode, you can control what your audience see in their VR/AR headsets. And under free mode, your audience can explore by themselves.

Sync/Free Mode

You can either control what your audience see in their VR/AR headsets (Sync Mode) or allow them to explore by themselves (Free Mode).

You can choose either two modes in one OS or simply one mode for your VR/AR headsets.

Monitor all VR/AR headsets in one place

Monitor all VR/AR headsets in one place

Monitor and manage all VR/AR headsets in the same network, including battery, storage, sleep, shutdown, etc.

  • Nibiru M-Pad allows you to sync interactions to multiple VR/AR headsets

    Nibiru M-Pad

    · Operate the content by simply touching the screen

    · Use an HDMI cable to connect Nibiru M-PAD to a TV for a better visual experience

    · Sync to 5 VR/AR headsets with Wi-Fi connection


    CPU: RK3399 dual core Cortex-A72 + quad core Cortex-A53


    RAM: 4GB

    ROM: 64GB

    System: Nibiru OS

    Display: 10.1 inch, MIPI touch screen

    Resolution: 1200*1920IPS (Optional)

    TF Card: Support up to 256GB

    HDMI: Support HDMI 4K output

    Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN/BT2.0/BT4.0

    Camera: Front 500W, Back 1200W

    Bluetooth: 4.1

    USB interface: Support MICRO USB 2.0 OTG * 1, USB 3.0 Type-C U disk * 1

    Keyboard: Support detachable keyboard

    DC interface: DC interface*1

    Headset: 3.5mm stereo headset * 1

  • Nibiru M-Box allows you sync interactive content to 50 VR/AR headsets

    Nibiru M-Box

    · Use a touch cable to connect Nibiru M-BOX to the IFP, and operate the interactive contents through the IFP

    · Suitable for fixed locations with wired connection to a router and stable network, like classrooms, museums, and exhibition halls


    CPU: RK3399 dual core Cortex-A72+quad core Cortex-A53

    GPU: ARM Mali-T860MP4


    Internal memory: 32GB

    Operation system: Nibiru OS

    TF card: Maximum support 128GB

    HDMI: Support HDMI_4K 2.0 out

    Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n (2.4G)

    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1

    Speaker: 3.5mm stereo headset output

    IR Remote Control: Support infrared remote control

    UART: UART2*1

    RJ45: Ethernet port

    Headset: 3.5mm stereo headphone output

    OTA upgrade: Support OTA remote upgrades

    Antenna: 2.4g Wi-Fi flexible glue stick antenna (4G antenna optional)

Application Scenarios

Nibiru Creator VR education case


Nibiru Interactive Sync has realized the smart interaction between the IFP and the students, as well as online and offline interactive content teaching. During teaching, teachers can control and play interactive content through the IFP, and also sync the content to the VR HMDs.

Nibiru Creator VR MARKETING case


With Nibiru Creator and a strong content creation team, interactive content can be produced and distributed quickly. At the same time, marketing content can be updated in real time to give customers fresh experiences thus increasing customer stickiness.

Product Examples

ScienStation empowered with Nibiru Creator


Various industry workstations are built through lightweight interactive VR content creation software Nibiru Creator and hardware Nibiru M-Box. These workstations lower the cost for marketing and training by up to 30% by using Nibiru Creator to sync interactions to up to 50 VR/AR devices.

Industrial M-Box

Industrial M-Box

Businesses can publish needs of materials and content on the assignment system and upload related materials according to Nibiru Creator templates. Then content companies can quickly make interactive VR content using the template system and submit their works on the assignment system.

Immersive and Data Driven Learning Solution

Learn and test in an immersive and interactive way across all platforms with real-time data feedback and statistics

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