• Nibiru OS

    Nibiru is a powerful XR OS provider. Aligned with top ODM/OEMs, our XR OS supports a wide range of AR/VR HMDs with different chipsets such as Qualcomm XR1, 845, 835, accounting for a large market share. We offer our partners with high performance and stable virtual and augmented reality environment. Customize your XR projects

  • SDK

    Use our SDK to better develop your XR (AR/VR) projects to blend the digital and physical worlds. It allows you to convert normal applications into virtual and augmented reality.

  • Nibiru helps you build custom VR/AR/MR brand

    Brand Exposure

    Customize start-up animation, image, or redesign the UI for displaying the content that enterprise wants thus to drive more brand awareness

  • Nibiru helps you build custom VR/AR/MR OS

    Apps for Option

    Remove preinstalled apps you don't want or are of no use and install your self-developed one to the launcher

  • Nibiru helps you build custom VR/AR/MR brand

    Kiosk Mode

    Power on the device direct into your content. Control and limit the use of the device to just one app of your choice

  • Nibiru allows you to change your media player

    Audio & Video

    Integrate third-party SDK such as spatial audio to place space sound effect inside the video. Change FOV and view angles of screen in local player

  • Nibiru allows you customize both software and hardware

    HW&SW Integration

    Custom your own communication mechanism and make data transfer much easier and faster.

  • Nibiru helps you build custom VR/AR/MR brand

    Key Mapping

    Remap or disable keys and add new custom meaning to buttons. Modify what behavior a given key will exhibit when pressed

  • Nibiru OS supports OTA upgrade


    Distribute and deploy new systems to HMDs to fix bugs, modify configuration settings, change the user interface, etc.

  • Nibiru OS supports encrypting your content

    Resource Encryption

    Encrypt managed resources to protect them from extraction and unauthorized use and use encrypted dog as a key to unlock

  • Nibiru OS allows you to control other devices

    Device Management

    Control the access to exit the application, click buttons on mistakes, and multiple media recources in classroom or parent mode.

We Build Custom VR/AR Enterprise Solutions

Nibiru hardware provides custom white label VR/AR headsets, OOT box, tablet, and workstations for enterprieses

Nibiru VR/AR Headsets

We also provide quality VR/AR hardware with efficient, stable, and powerful Nibiru OS installed for you to choose, ranging from low-end Allwinner VR9 2K VR headsets to high-end Samsung 8895 8K VR headsts.

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