Why use Nibiru Studio

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  • Fully self-developed 3D real-time rendering engine
  • Multi-platform development and operation: Windows, Android; complete cross-platform development solutions; deploy what developers have built once to the PC, mobile phone, tablet, XR headset and other devices
  • Visualization IDE: debug how the interactive contents look like in real time
  • High efficiency: complete professional controls have been packed based on the component-based development to allow developers to create custom components with iscellaneous function
  • Complete tool chain (NRR, Nibiru Creator, SDK, etc.)
  • Low power consumption

Nibiru Studio Features

  • Render

    Render Module can adjust to the release platform

    Enable content creators to produce the most expressive contents without being limited by hardware

    Support users to get a variety of customized lens effects through the camera post-processing

  • 2D

    • 2D Module supports multiple image types
    • Enable user to create the UI interface, 2D character sequence animation, and other functions of applications
  • Animation

    • Animation Module provides the management and control interfaces for bone skin 3D animation
    • Make it convenient for content
      creators to register various animation states to achieve richer animation expression
  • Input

    • Input Module provides a unified standard input interfaces that support the keyboard, mouse, touch screen, Nibiru XR AIO, Nibiru 3/6 DOF peripherals, etc.
    • Allow content creators to focus on creating content with no worry about the platform to release
    • Enable creators to extend the standard input interfaces to support customized input devices

What Nibiru Studio Looks Like

How Nibiru Studio Works