• Virtual Reality Headsets

    ClassVR is a fully integrated, classroom-ready device with no additional hardware required to get you started.

  • Headset Management

    ClassVR’s portal gives teachers the controls to easily send content and direct and monitor student attention, maximizing learning.

  • State Aligned Content

    ClassVR provides thousands of educational virtual and augmented reality resources to add value to your lessons, no matter what the subject.

  • Secure Storage & Charging

    All ClassVR headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case to ensure your devices are always ready when you are.

  • Installation, Setup & Training

    Our technicians assist you with setup and help you configure your headsets. We also have online training available for your teachers and staff.

The Hardware: ClassVR Headsets

ClassVR headsets provide a safe and secure way for students to explore VR & AR in the classroom with the teacher keeping full control over each device. From a comfortable VR experience using the adjustable head straps to the intuitive and simple to use interface and controls, ClassVR headsets have been designed specifically for students of all ages.

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The Software: ClassVR Teacher Portal

The ClassVR Portal ensures teachers can confidently manage students and add value to lessons when using VR & AR in lessons. Easily search and build VR playlists using the drag and drop functionality, deliver lessons simultaneously and guide students through experiences using set dynamic points of interest. Teachers are always in control and the real-time class view provides full visibility of what and where their students are exploring in the headsets.

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The Content: Curriculum-Aligned VR & AR Resources

The ClassVR Portal contains thousands of pedagogically sound, curriculum-aligned VR & AR resources including content, downloadable lessons plans, guides and worksheets to boost student engagement in every lesson. Teachers can also upload their own content, access the community of educational resources shared by existing ClassVR users and other third-party educational VR & AR content providers.

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  • Experience

    Learning through experience can boost knowledge retention by up to 75%.

    Increase your students’ ability to retain knowledge by immersing them into exciting experiences they’ll never forget.

  • Engage

    We only remember 10% of what we read, but can retain 90% of what we experience.

    Improve students’ interaction within the classroom by incorporating visual stimuli with ClassVR’s virtual experiences.

  • Achieve

    VR can improve student attainment increasing exam results by up to 20%.

    ClassVR comes complete with all the tools you need to deliver curriculum-aligned VR lessons to boost your students’ learning.

  • Alex Xu

    "I've been using ClassVR for a few months now and it's been a game-changer in my science class. The virtual field trips and simulations have made learning so much more immersive and engaging."

  • Henry Zhao

    "I teach history and the historical simulations available on ClassVR have been amazing. My students get to experience different time periods and events in a way that's impossible to replicate with traditional teaching methods."

  • Daniel Deng

    "As a language teacher, I appreciate the language immersion experiences available on ClassVR. My students get to practice their language skills in a way that's both fun and effective."

Award Winning Classroom Technology

First introduced in 2017, ClassVR is making VR a reality in classrooms in over 80 countries worldwide. ClassVR is the most awarded educational virtual reality solution, providing exceptional learning environments for millions of students in schools across the globe.

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