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The ONLY professional but INTUITIVE virtual tour software that you can simply drag, drop and link materials like drawing a mind map to create interactive XR content in minutes.

Collect data of high granularity and upload to your own backend system.

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Import 2D/panoramic images/videos into iCreator and make your own XR story in minutes. Check our Quick Guide in AI Academy to get started immediately. You may also download Templates to get inspirations to know how to build your own interactive world.


An authorization code will be delivered once you buy a license from us.


To use iCreator, please prepare a computer that meets the following requirements.

Recommended configurations:

CPU: 10th gen i5

GPU: GTX 1050 4G

Computer Memory: 16GB

Flash Memory: 20GB

Hard Disk: 200MB

System: Windows 10/11

Please use the recommended configurations or higher.

Minimum configurations:

CPU: 7th gen i5

GPU: Integrated graphics card 4600 and above Computer Memory: 4GB

Flash Memory: 10GB

Hard Disk: 200MB

System: Windows 10/11


Please note that this is a digital product that refund is not available.

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Why enterprises love iCreator

10k+ companies across sectors use Nibiru Creator to easily achieve digital transformation and improve marketing and training results with INTERACTIVE VIDEO.

Nibiru Creator is based on Nibiru Studio, a self-developed 3D engine.

Limitlessly updatable

The only virtual tour software that is programmed from a self-developed 3D engine

Nibiru Creator: Create your VR content just like drawing a mind map.


Just drag, drop, link materials like a mind map to make your interactive VR content.

Nibiru Creator is a full 3D virtual tour software that is programmed from Nibiru Studio

Full 3D

Based on our 3D engine , Nibiru Creator can provide contents without limits of time and space.

Make your interactive elements logical with Nibiru Creator


Dive into the Trigger Panel to design custom logical paths for all interactive elements in the scene.

Build your custom analytics dashboard with Nibiru Creator

Track & Analytics

Upload raw data of preset hotspots to a designated server, including timestamp, hotspot name, player MAC address, and browser fingerprinting through API tracking. Data will be shown in your own business logic to meet your needs, for example, review individual or group learning performance on custom analytics dashboard.